In 1978 Myrsini begins her journey into the world of silk. Her love for what precious thing in the textiles industry (METAXI) and her inexhaustible imagination for creating artwork on it, but also her great desire to make this valuable material a kind of everyday that could to decorate all the Greek houses, and to spread widely by giving luxury. With the help of her husband, Mr. Dimitris, a textile – engineer, well – knowledgeable of the object, they start together with the production hand – made on a scale of mass production, always with care and love for what they offered to the public.

Through the years of discrimination and innovation, the company now distinguishes Myrsini.

With awards at exhibitions abroad as well as with the company’s entry in the field of the handmade handmade factory that keeps up to now and always offers handmade innovative and quality products. We design fabrics, embroidery and lace, choosing the best materials offered by the Greek market and production.

But for Myrsini the primary role played and played by the man. That is why the main Myrsini is choosing her co-workers, ie who will embroider or embroider her workpieces where the name of Myrsini will be signed. They are not just co-workers for us, but we are considered part of the big family of Mursini.

Υou will find us in our cottage outside a few kilometers outside Alexandria, and another point of reference is in the city of Alexandroupolis in a beautiful space completely renovated space.



Address : Miaouli 6
Alexandroupolis, 68132, Greece
Tel : (+30) 25510 31205
email :