Back in the days the tradition was when a girl  married, the Girl’s dowry (valiable Jewelry & and Silver) was following the bride where Covered in embroidery Square Small tablecloths and it was following the bride to a procession from her relatives up to her new home. This tradition still stays in some remote places in Greece. Of course these “covers” was used for the home decoration afterwards till now.

Set in shades of Milkchocolate brown fabric with weavy woven design,  and Lace made by Hand with indelible threads .

 Set that includes a large Square tablecloth  for the Dining table or the living room’s Coffe Table table (depending on the occasion and the needs of the house), two small Square for the Living room tables, and a  TableRanner or to decorate Bouffe or the Salon table.

  • Pieces: 4 = (1-Square tablecloth, 1-tablerunner oblong, 2-small squares)
  • Workpiece finish: Hand lace
  • Fabric composition: 20% Silk – 80% Rayon
  • Material: blended woven Silk
  • Means of work: Handmade Lace
  • Origin made in Greece